Live up!
The corporate style and design of a mobile app for a project about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and longevity. Live up! is one of the most popular Russian-language blogs, on the pages of which, the author Yulia Korneva touches on the issues that are relevant for a modern person: how to enjoy food, while not harming the body; how to develop healthy habits; what recommendations will help you look good and live long, protecting yourself from the negative effects of stress. Based on the life-affirming concept of the project, we have chosen bright, light colors, in the logo we reflected the upward movement, which comes from the name itself. Since this is an information resource, it should be simple and intuitive, but at the same time, reflect the concept of a healthy diet based on herbal ingredients and proper eating habits, so it was important for us to design, however strange it may sound, not to overdo it with the design itself. Live up! occupies the top positions in downloading in I-tunes and the Play Store. Also, for the project, we developed all the souvenir products made in the corporate style.

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