Interactive Branding
Interactive Branding
The interactive branding
is a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. We are establishing this communication through the digital technologies
What We Do
Web: corporate website, promotional website, landing
Logo design and identity
Regulations: brand book, guide book
Brand communication system
Development of packaging, design of printed products
Verbal communications: naming, slogan, copyright
Positioning strategy and brand platform
Dynamic identity
About Us
The magic is in our team. Everyone has more than ten years in design, and since 2015 we are Pixies.
Art directors, designers, project managers and copywriters — we all create bold projects to the delight of customers and inspiration to competitors. Our field of application of the interactivity lies from the exhibition installations to the selective sales tools such as the website. The site is not a set of constants and it gives the user the opportunity to interact with the resource being involved in the «space» of your brand
Dream Team
We provide with an emotional UI design, because constructivism is not enough to cast an anchor into the subconscious of the consumer, we create the memorable corporate identity to differentiate our customers from other leaders in their industry. We promote the interactive branding as the future belongs to it. We develop various brand positioning strategies as it’s impossible to achieve proper results without any. We like to draw the dynamic identity, because the identity in its classic sense is boring. We provide a range of services, because it is the sequence of competent actions that creates a wow-effect, and of course, we love our customers, as there’s no chance to build a trusting cooperation without love and empathy
Lena Anikeeva
Today we are entrepreneurs, but always and above all, we are designers. Though we introduce quite different schools: Lena Anikeeva loves minimalistic, futuristic and playful design, while Olga Sen prefers gothic graphics, Scandinavian fairy tales and working solutions, their passion, healthy perfectionism and the ability to work as hard as it is needed to reach the maximum results is in short what brings us together.

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